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Magic. New friends and old friends. The Apocalypse.
Bree Moore just learned that she has the ability to use magic. Can she find a way to help save the world and help her new friends find a missing while making sure she has time for her old friends and school work?
THE APOCALYPSE CLUB - 4x6 card front.jpg

Jordan Corvis is a pen name for writers Brian Koscienski, Chris Pisano, and Jeff Young. As Jordan Corvis, they are dedicated to the genres of young adult and fantasy romance.

Even though they have yet to publish anything under the pen name Jordan Corvis, please enjoy other young adult works by Brian Koscienski, Chris Pisano, and Jeff Young included on this page. 


Please check back often to keep up to date with the newest releases from Jordan Corvis, as well as Brian, Chris, and Jeff.  

You can also view the Jordan Corvis gallery HERE


Brian developed his love of writing from countless hours of reading comic books, losing himself in the different worlds and adventures within the colorful pages. He had minor successes early in his career by getting a few short stories published in independent ‘zines before teaming up with Chris and Jeff.


Chris was discouraged by his tenth grade English teacher from reading H. P. Lovecraft. Being naturally disobedient, Chris has been a fan ever since. He had minor successes early in his career by getting a few poems published before joining forces with Brian and Jeff.


Jeff Young is a bookseller first and a writer second – although he wouldn’t mind a reversal of fortune. He received a Writers of the Future award for “Written in Light” which appears in the 26th L.Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Anthology. The speed of his life jumped to warp 10 once he met Brian and Chris.

Our Books
THE APOCALYPSE CLUB - 4x6 card front.jpg
The Apocalypse Club

An ancient cult of blood magic rises. All hope is on a circle of young sorcerers who must master arcane knowledge, powerful talismans, and their own desires. 

One day Bree Moore is an average high school sophomore focused on her grades, worried about losing her lifelong friends due to a misunderstanding, and avoiding the attention of a few “mean girl” cheerleaders. The next, she is, well, a magic user. ​After she discovers that one of her teachers is also an instructor at an experimental institute for the study of intercultural magic, Bree accepts an invitation to become a part-time student there. She is quickly swept up in the excitement of meeting kids from around the world and learning about her abilities—until she learns that all is not what it seems.

​Who can she trust in this new life? Have the instructors been lying to her? Can she balance this world with her old life? Will The Apocalypse Club save her life or destroy it?

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Blue Line Star
Episode #1

Bluline (pronounced Bluh - leen) Starr and her friends live on a the typical space station. One day she and her best friend find a mysterious robot and discover a wormhole. Coincidence? Unable to resist the call of curiosity, they take a trip through the wormhole to a dangerous galaxy. After narrowly escaping back to her home galaxy, she wants to warn the denizens of her space station, but... she can’t find the wormhole. Action! Adventure! Mayhem!

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