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Book 1: Clowns

Monster Hunter
Murder Clowns
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Viktor Bloodstone is the pen name Brian Koscienski, Chris Pisano, and Jeff Young use when they are writing horror, suspense, and gothic tales.  

While they have four novels under the Viktor Bloodstone name, please enjoy other works of horror and dark fiction by Brian Koscienski, Chris Pisano, and Jeff Young included on this page. 

Please check back often to keep up to date with the newest releases from Viktor Bloodstone, as well as Brian, Chris, and Jeff.  

You can also view the Viktor Bloodstone gallery HERE.

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Brian developed his love of writing from countless hours of reading comic books, losing himself in the different worlds and adventures within the colorful pages. He had minor successes early in his career by getting a few short stories published in independent ‘zines before teaming up with Chris and Jeff.


Chris was discouraged by his tenth grade English teacher from reading H. P. Lovecraft. Being naturally disobedient, Chris has been a fan ever since. He had minor successes early in his career by getting a few poems published before joining forces with Brian and Jeff.

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Jeff Young is a bookseller first and a writer second – although he wouldn’t mind a reversal of fortune. He received a Writers of the Future award for “Written in Light” which appears in the 26th L.Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Anthology. The speed of his life jumped to warp 10 once he met Brian and Chris.

Our Books
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The Killer of Devils
Book 1: Clowns

Calista “Cali” Lindquist is a final girl. She once had to fight and destroy an unkillable beast. Now, she and her mother are on a crusade to ensure no one else experiences such horror and loss. They travel to Philadelphia in order to stop a madman building an army of murderous face-painted lunatics. As the number of murder clowns increases, as well as the number of brutal deaths by their hands, Cali puts herself directly in their path. Speeding on a collision course of terror and carnage, she is ready to pay any price to keep the streets from running red with the blood of the innocent. However, beyond the horde of bloodthirsty clowns, there is one factor that could derail Cali’s mission – her past. It's monster hunter versus murder clowns in an all-out battle of madness and mayhem!

Truth Front Cover JPEG.jpg
The Truth in Their Blood
The Progeny of Devils, book 1

Always feeling different and out of place, Celina Davenport clings to the status quo in an effort to feel normal. Her comfort shatters when she receives a mysterious email claiming to have information regarding her birth parents, whom she knows nothing about. Against her better judgment, Celina agrees to meet the author and discovers it’s her long-lost twin sister. Before she can get the answers she seeks, she witnesses her sister get shot in the head.

Celina must convince a venture capitalist, a punk rock singer, an art-gallery manager, a high school student, and a grifter to find a common interest in survival and time is running out. Can this odd group of strangers discover why they’re being hunted before they end up like Celina's sister?

DE front cover jpg.jpg
The Dream Eaters
A Legacy of Devils novel

My name is Yume Dangan and I murder people in their dreams. Don't worry, I only kill the bad ones. I’m a junior in college, studying to get my psychology degree, so I understand that sometimes a person has a sickness that can't be cured. That's when my boyfriend, Billy, and I step in. But my mother, Shinko Dangan, disapproves. She's a hypocrite, though, because she kills people, too. See, she's a ninja assassin and gets paid to murder. There is another dream eater, a girl named Maya, who is beyond evil. Innocent family members of the monsters I kill are being gruesomely murdered. It must be Maya doing this, right? After all, she's trying to kill me. Yet, my mother says Maya is innocent and that Billy is to blame. Who do I believe?

250 front cover jpg.jpg
Hammer and Blood
A Legacy of Devils novel

Ptolemy Lindquist is one of the greatest assassins in the world and is contemplating retirement. Calista, his daughter, wants to celebrate her college graduation with her boyfriend and friends at a popular lake. Thanks to Ptolemy's last assignment and Calista investigating why her boyfriend has been acting sketchy, father and daughter find themselves trapped in a house of horrors by Zebadiah Seeley, a convicted kidnapper and rapist looking to continue his evil ways while wearing the head of a bear.

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The Devil's Grasp
The Vengeful Prince Saga, book 1 of 3

A thousand years ago, a mad wizard ensorcelled five gemstones, giving them the power to call forth and control the demons that haunt Hell itself. Now, King Theomann, ruler of Albathia, sets his oldest son upon a quest with his Elite Troop of warriors to find the stones. Unbeknownst to the king, he not the only one questing for them. A band of ne’er-do-well thieves. A pack of insidious trolls. A group of wizards with dubious intent. All searching for the stones for their own purpose, none prepared for the power that the stones possess.

The power to control Hell will be held by one hand. Whose will it be?

D's I front cover.jpg
The Devil's Influence
The Vengeful Prince Saga, book 2 of 3

Ten years after the Demon War, the leaders of the Wizards’ Guild have been investigating the disappearances of the twelve World Builders, ancient tools of power that can reshape entire worlds. One item remains unfound, The Eternity Seed, and a small group of wizards have been partnered with the king’s Elite Troop of soldiers to find it along with the identity of who is responsible for stealing the world builders. In an act of desperation, one of the wizards seeks help from those instrumental in ending the Demon War. Those who escaped The Devil’s Grasp must band together to discover and stop this new threat. They must trust Praeker Trieste, the mad general who commanded his blood-thirsty Horde to ravage cities as he sought the five ensorcelled gemstones responsible for starting the Demon War.

The Devil's Judgment
The Vengeful Prince Saga, book 3 of 3

King Oremethus has been on the throne for ten years, bringing ruin to the country with the help of his brother, Prince Daedalus. The only threat to their reign is their brother, Perciless. Evading capture, Prince Perciless and his entourage have been traveling from city to city, recruiting a secret army of citizens ready to revolt against the tyranny. During a fit of lunacy, King Oremethus and his dragons attack a mining town, but because of the efforts of siblings Ideria and Nevin, one of the king’s dragons is killed. Once it is discovered that the siblings are the children of Dearborn Stillheart, a warrior worthy of legend, it becomes a race to find them. Daedalus wants to kill them and Perciless wants to use them as beacons of hope. Through the new chaos that has become their lives, Ideria and Nevin learn a gut-wrenching secret – they’ve been lied to by those who have raised them for most of their lives. Common people against tyranny. Brother against brother. Children against family. Who will find favor within the devil’s judgment?

Sunbury SVL front cover jpg.jpg
The Shattered Visage Lies
The Shattered World, book 1

Who am I? A daunting question on a normal day. But what about on the day you wake up with unfathomable power? All across Pennsylvania, people are now struggling with this question. An English professor. An elderly widow. A middle-aged businessman. A thug. A little girl. And still more people of divergent lifestyles and motivations cropping up daily. Yesterday, they had nothing in common, but seemingly overnight they all developed powers beyond comprehension. Struggling to find answers, some seek to exploit their new found abilities while others wish them gone, wanting their lives back to normal. As these characters search for reasons for their new change, they cross paths, discovering the best of people…and the worst of themselves. Will they control their new powers? Or be consumed by them? What would you do?

Sunbury FS front cover jpg.jpg
Fearful Symmetry
The Shattered World, book 2

Michael has power. He doesn’t want it. Any of it. Eighteen months ago, he woke up with incredible power from an unknown source. To understand what happened to him, Michael began a journey of discovery, meeting other people with similar special abilities along the way. After finding the answers he sought, he chose to separate himself from the others and has been keeping this secret from his wife, Claire. Now, one grainy picture in a tabloid newspaper threatens to expose Michael and leads him to believe Claire might have some secrets of her own. Though he struggles to distance himself from the chaos and keep his perfect marriage from falling apart, Michael finds himself drawn back into the fight, leading him to a small town run by one man whose power might destroy the world.

Front cover jpg.jpg
Nor Shapes of Men
The Shattered World, book 3

After the entire town of Mills Hook, West Virginia had been wiped away, the coverup has been exposed on the internet, though there is much speculation about the authenticity of the information. There are enough people who believe it happened and it was caused by people with superhuman abilities. An impassioned senator named Alistair Varney starts a federally funded task force to find such people. Michael and Claire Roseman, as well as their associates, explore the ethics of using their abilities while trying to help others who are being hunted by Varney and his task force. As they try to live their lives in anonymity, they must contend with the secret organization that created them, a hungry journalist looking to expose them, and figures from their past that threaten to ruin their future.

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