The Apocalypse Club

An ancient cult of blood magic rises. All hope is on a circle of young sorcerers who must master arcane knowledge, powerful talismans, and their own desires. 

One day Bree Moore is an average high school sophomore focused on her grades, worried about losing her lifelong friends due to a misunderstanding, and avoiding the attention of a few “mean girl” cheerleaders. The next, she is, well, a magic user.

After she discovers that one of her teachers is also an instructor at an experimental institute for the study of intercultural magic, Bree accepts an invitation to become a part-time student there. She is quickly swept up in the excitement of meeting kids from around the world and learning about her abilities—until she learns that all is not what it seems.

While trying to help one of her classmates find his missing sister, Bree learns that the school is a front for training students to fight the impending threat of Talo, a zealot and cult leader determined to bring the Mesoamerican gods of blood sacrifice back to the world. With her fellow students, she devises a plan to find the missing girl, but then learns that one of her new friends is a traitor.

Who can she trust in this new life? Have the instructors been lying to her? Can she balance this world with her old life? Will The Apocalypse Club save her life or destroy it?

The Biggest Bounty

Fiore is the (chemically enhanced) muscle; Zeus is the (super-genius) brains. Together, they're out to become the greatest interstellar bounty hunters ever. But along the path to fame and fortune, they'll accumulate contacts, partner, and enemies without even meaning to. Its' all part of the job when you're chasing the biggest bounty ever, and picking up the strangest milks in the galaxy. 

Find out why Analog Magazine calls The Biggest Bounty "a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Grand Theft Auto."

The Shattered Visage Lies

Who am I?

A daunting question on a normal day. But what about on the day you wake up with unfathomable power?

All across Pennsylvania, people are now struggling with this question.


An English professor. An elderly widow. A middle-aged businessman. A thug. A little girl. And still more people of divergent lifestyles and motivations cropping up daily. Yesterday, they had nothing in common, but seemingly overnight they all developed powers beyond comprehension. Is it a rapturous blessing? Or a debilitating curse.

Struggling to find answers, some seek to exploit their new found abilities while others wish them gone, wanting their lives back to normal. As these characters search for reasons for their new change, they cross paths, discovering the best of people... and the worst of themselves. 

Will they control their new powers? Or be consumed by them?

What would you do?

Fearful Symmetry

Michael has power. He doesn't want it. Any of it. 

Eighteen months ago, Michael Roseman woke up with incredible power from an unknown source. To understand what happened to him, he began a journey of discovery, meeting other people with similar special abilities along the way. After finding the answers he sought, he chose to separate himself from the others and has been keeping a secret from his wife, Claire. Now, one grainy picture in a tabloid newspaper threatens to expose Michael and leads him to believe Claire might have some secrets of her own. 

Thelma Carver wants to leave her husband, Marvin, but can't. His control of people is far too great, his power immense. While running an errand for Marvin, Thelma finds a way to escape with the help of a young woman with special abilities. Wanting to kill Marvin, they try to get help from other people with power, including Michael.

Though he struggles to distance himself from the chaos and keep his perfect marriage from falling apart, Michael finds himself drawn back into the fight, leading him to a small town run by one man whose power might destroy the world.

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