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The Devil's Grasp

A thousand years ago, a mad wizard ensorcelled five gemstones, giving them the power to call forth and control the demons that haunt Hell itself. After a blood-filled battle with the mercenaries who helped him in his bid for power, the wizard was defeated and the stones were spread across the continent, hidden from all but legend and bard's tale. Now, the kingdom of Tsinel threatens the tenuous peace with Albathia. King Theomann, ruler of Albathia, sets his oldest son upon a quest with his Elite Troop of soldiers to find the stones. As they soon discover they are not the only ones searching for the stones. Unbeknownst to everyone, King Theomann's youngest son, Daedalus, has designs for power, aligning himself with the blood-thirsty leader of The Horde, a band of vile fiends razing town after town in the kingdom. 

A band of ne'er-do-well thieves. A pack of insidious trolls. A group of wizards with dubious intent. All searching for the stones for their own purposes, none prepared for the power that the stones possess. 

The power to control Hell will be held by one hand. Whose will it be?

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The Devil's Influence

Ten years after the Demon War, the country of Albathia has rebuilt and prospered under the benevolent rule of King Perciless. During those years, King Perciless has been looking for his lost brother, Prince Oremethus, rumored to have been driven insane during the Demon War. Little does he know that he is not the only one looking for the missing prince. 

The leaders of the Wizards' Guild have been investigating a different disappearance -- someone has been finding and gathering the twelve World Builders, ancient tools of power that can reshape entire worlds. One item remains unfound, The Eternity Seed, and a small group of wizards have been partnered with the king's Elite Troop of soldiers to find it along with the identity of the one responsible for stealing the other World Builders.

In an act of desperation, one of the wizards seeks help from those instrumental in ending the Demon War a decade ago, but they now wish for a simpler life. Those who escaped The Devil's Grasp must band together to discover and stop this new threat, 

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The Devil's Judgment

King Oremethus has been on the throne for ten years, bringing ruin to the country of Albathia. Madness consuming him, he commands his dragons to destroy entire towns believing that he is ridding the country of demons. His sadistic brother, Prince Daedalus, twists information and preys on his insecurities. The duo rule the country through fear and death, their only threat to their reign is their brother, Perciless. Evading capture, Prince Perciless and his entourage have been traveling from city to city, recruiting a secret army of citizens ready to revolt against the tyranny of Oremethus.

During a fit of lunacy, King Oremethus and his dragons attack a mining town, but because of the efforts of siblings Ideria and Nevin, one of the king’s dragons is killed. Once it is discovered that the siblings are the children of Dearborn Stillheart, a warrior worthy of legend, it becomes a race between the princes to find them. Daedalus wants to kill them and Perciless wants to use them as beacons of hope to inspire the downtrodden to rise against oppression. Through the new chaos that has become their lives, Ideria and Nevin learn a gut-wrenching secret – they’ve been lied to by those who have raised them for most of their lives.

Common people against tyranny. Brother against brother. Children against family. Who will find favor within the devil’s judgment?

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